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Welcome to the Krav Maga members' page, intended for anyone going to our weekly classes at Manchester Maccabi.

What to wear and what to bring?

For training please wear track suit bottoms and a T-shirt. We do not train barefoot, so please bring clean trainers, suitable for indoor use. You might need a small towel to wipe the sweat off at times and some water to rehydrate. At longer seminars, you should also bring small snacks e.g. bananas, energy bars etc. Please do not wear jewelry. 


If you have any injuries, please let the instructor know and make sure you do not aggravate them in training. 

Contact Details

If you have not already given your e-mail or mobile number to us for urgent messages about changes to sessions, etc. then please fill out this registration form.

Equipment Required for Sessions  

Please ensure that you have the following safety equipment for all sessions:

  • Groin Guard (1)
  • Mitts (open finger type so your hands are not limited) 
  • Shin Protectors 
  • Mouth guard
  • Forearm protectors (optional) 

(1) A groin guard must be worn at your first lesson. It costs £8 and can be bought at your first class. 

We carry a stock of these items at the club, so please let the instructor know what you need. Alternatively we recommend Blitzsport.
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