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our office staffOur Instructors are experienced in running Krav Maga self defence sessions in a corporate environment. We can tailor sessions for before, during or after office hours with a schedule to suit your requirements. 
In as little as 30 minutes we can train you and your staff in basic defensive and avoidance techniques. We offer sessions developed for an office environment where, in a 30 minute session, students learn powerful and effective self defence techniques without getting sweaty or having to change from office attire. 
We cover all areas of protection including attempted mugging, assault, vehicle hijacking and many other scenarios.
Please contact us on 0161 492 0040 mentioning that you are interested in Corporate Training and that you would like further information about Krav Maga in Manchester.
We provide protective equipment and practise weapons such as rubber knives, foam baseball bats and more so that your team can learn in safety how to defend yourself against armed attacks. All instructors are experienced and insured. 
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