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Senior seminar: 25 February 2018

Ladies Krav Maga trainingOur next seminar will take place on 25 February, from 1.15 - 6.30pm, this time with world class instructors Dori Nemetsky and Golan Levy.  Please register by e-mailing or you can sign up online below.

The cost of the seminar is £60 or £45 for students. You can pay by credit card, cheque, cash or bank transfer. Please see the payment link below the instructor profiles.

Seminars are suitable for ages 13 and over. Mixed male and female students. No previous Krav Maga experience is necessary. 

Junior Seminar

Sunday 25 February 2018 from 5.00 – 6.30pm

Let your child learn from the best of the best! Golan Levy has conducted many Krav Maga children’s courses in the past with Manchester Maccabi and will teach this special Junior seminar.

All children who attend will receive an official Krav Maga junior course certificate.The session is for children from ages 5-12 and is suitable for children of all levels from novice to experienced. Children with no Krav Maga experience can attend.

Please sign up now as places are limited. The cost is £15.

If you would like your child to attend then please register at Maccabi reception or call Barbara on 0161 492-0040 or you can pay below.

If you  have any questions please email

Ladies' Seminar

Sunday 25 February 2018 from 1.30 – 4.30pm

Alon Gross is a highly qualified G3 level Israeli Krav Maga and Fitness instructor.  He will teach this seminar, which is for age 13+ and is suitable for people who are novice to intermediate level. You can attend even if you have no Krav Maga experience.

Please sign up now as places are limited. The cost of the seminar is £30. Everyone who participates will receive an official Krav Maga course certificate, signed by Alon.

If you would like to attend then you can register at Maccabi reception or by calling Barbara on 0161 492-0040 or you can pay below.

If you have any questions please email


Dori Nemetsky
Dori Nemetsky. Expert Level 4

Dori Nemetsky

One of the world’s foremost Krav Maga instructors, Dori Nemetsky is coming to Manchester for the first time, together with Golan Levy. Also joining them is Dori's senior instructor, Alon Gross.

Dori is the founder of the Israeli Krav Maga Organisation (IKMO), the largest Krav Maga organisation in Israel.

He has been an instructor for over 30 years and is Expert Level 4, one of the highest ranking instructors in the world.

Dori instructs elite forces, Police and security agencies globally.

He runs specialist Krav Maga courses and techniques for women and children, to allow them to deal with larger and more powerful attackers.

This is your chance to train with the best of the best. Book now while there are still places!


Golan Levy
Golan Levy. G-3 Instructor

Golan Levy

Golan Levy is based in London and is one of the top instructors in Europe. He holds the following qualifications:

  • Certified IQ Level 3 in Close Protection
  • Certified Krav-Maga Instructor G-3
  • Former Israeli Police Detective
  • IDF fighter level 7 (Commander)
  • Wingate qualified PE instructor

Golan has conducted many Krav Maga courses at Maccabi, Aish UK, the Jewish Family Centre and at Synagogues and schools in London. He has also taught the Czech Police.

G-3 Level Instructor Alon Gross
Alon Gross, G-3 Instructor

Alon Gross

Alon Gross is a highly qualified Israeli Krav Maga and Fitness instructor.  Alon is a G-3 Level Instructor, equivalent to a 3rd Dan Black Belt.

He has 8 years Krav-Maga experience and served in the Radio communication unit as a fighter at the IDF, and has front line experience.

Alon is a senior instructor at the IKMO (Israeli Krav Maga Organisation), the largest Krav Maga club in Israel.



Seminar Registration

Enter the name(s) of participant(s) in the box below. If there is more than one participant then please enter all the names. You may choose the number of participants after you click Pay Now.


Seminar Options
Name(s) of participant(s)

Please note that your reservation is subject to receipt and approval of a completed medical form from all participants in advance of the seminar. You will be forwarded the medical form after you have booked your place on the seminar. You will also need to provide two references who can confirm that to their knowledge you would not inappropriately use the methods you are taught.

If you cannot attend the seminar or it is full we will refund all fees. Please note that once we have received payment and accepted you on the course you may cancel up to 30 days before the seminar for a full refund. Cancellations within 30 days of the seminar will be refunded at 50% of fees paid.

Krav Evolution and You

Krav Maga is the only fighting system that evolves using positive feedback from real life situations. Techniques are regularly improved to enhance effectiveness and simplicity. At this seminar we will introduce the latest techniques, not seen before.
As basics will be incorporated in the seminar it is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students.

Why Krav Maga?

The benefit of learning Krav Maga is knowing that you are learning the best self defence system there is. Used worldwide by Police, Army and Government agencies such as the FBI, Krav Maga is designed to deal with common armed and unarmed attacks.
Please see the Contact us page for location information.

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