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New Soccer training programme for Reception and Year One
World At Your Feet Academy & Manchester Maccabi are ready to launch their new soccer training program for players in reception and Yr1 classes.
All young players will train in a pressure free, enjoyable and structured environment with FA qualified staff.
The new training program is designed to develop the following:
Learn to develop different social skills that focuses on communication and sharing factors
  • Learn to play within an organised environment with a qualified coach - good for early development and structure
  • Learn skill moves 1v1, ie step overs, scissors, etc selected from the WAYF 20 moves program
  • Play small sided fun games - 3v3 4v4 to develop game understanding and confidence
  • Learn to use both feet
  • Agility, coordination and balance activities through Speed Agility & Quickness (SAQ) games to develop motor control movements
  • Receive reward certificates on completion of specific moves selected from the WAYF program to help measure development and provide parental feedback
  • And most importantly learn to enjoy participating in a new sporting activity
Dates and times of Reception and Year One classes at Maccabi are on our calendar  
For more information please contact Barbara 0161 492 0040 or contact us online.
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