Little Kickers


Little Kickers is the fastest growing pre-school activity and sports business in the UK and provides both boys and girls with an early introduction to the fun and excitement of sport.

Nothing is more rewarding than watching a child learning a new skill, keeping fit and loving every minute of it!

The Little Kickers programme, developed and continually improved by F.A qualified coaches and nursery teachers, with ongoing input from child health specialists, introduces real sport and football skills through group play activities.


For further info:

Hotline: 0845 224 9104

Sun 9.15 -10: Little Kicks 18 months-2yrs & 3 months

Sun 10.10 - 10.55: Mighty Kickers 31/2 - 5yrs

Sun 11.05 - 11.50: Junior Kickers 2 - 31/2 yrs

Sun 12.10 - 12.45: Mighty Kickers 31/2 - 5yrs

Sun 13.00 - 13.50: Mega Kickers 5-7yrs

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